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Getting the Most out of Lifestyle Living

There is a growing segment of the population who are reconsidering what they really want out of life and adjusting their residence choices based on these preferences. They are remodeling their homes, moving, and relocating sometimes thousands of miles to live the life they have dreamed of.

For example, in the past a homeowner may have may have accepted that their suburban home has a small deck off the back, but now they are now pulling out the stops for a bigger deck, and perhaps a complete outdoor entertainment area. This may be done via a new home purchase or remodeling their current home. Other ways homeowners are adjusting their home to fit their lifestyle include: renovating homes to bring the outside in, installing the gourmet kitchen they have always wanted, or creating a master spa retreat.

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Location is extremely important also. One trend is for empty-nesters opting for a hip urban lifestyle rather than the suburban one they may have been living in for the last 20 or 30 years. Grandparents are moving across the country to be nearer to their children and provide care for grandchildren. Some retirees are even considering their chosen sports and hobbies and determining how they can take those to a whole new level. For example, someone who enjoyed a once-a-week skiing lifestyle while they were working and raising kids may now decide to move somewhere like Vail for a full-time skiing lifestyle. Another who used to only kayak once in a while may now be looking for a waterfront home so that they can take their kayak out every morning.

While Baby Boomer retirees are driving this trend, it is also taking hold in other segments of the population. There are people who are shunning traditional work environments and are choosing to live where they want first and then building their career around that. Freelance writers, programmers, designers, and consultants are examples of careers that are easily done from anywhere.

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If you have been thinking you are ready for an extreme change, you may not know how to convert your “wouldn’t it be great if” dreams into a plan. It is difficult to know how to budget for what you want, where to go, or your return on investment if you stay and create an amazing space within your existing four walls. This is where the help of a qualified real estate agent can come in handy. I have resources in areas around the country which will help zero in on spots that will support your preferred lifestyle. If staying in our area is in the cards, let’s talk about what is important to you in your space and I will show you some solutions on how you can achieve that.

I look forward to helping you make your dream space and location a reality. Please give me a call at (253) 381-7170 or send an email to and we can schedule some time to plan!